5 Best Bike trailers for Big Dogs {Best Picks of 2020}

Best Bike trailers for Big Dogs

The concept of choosing Bike trailer for Big dogs seems to be simple, isn’t it?  See the size of the cabin, and the jumbo size is the one to pick for your lovely riders.

There isn’t any rocket science in it.

 But hold on genius! 

Best Bike Trailer for Big Dogs 

We know its delighted feeling for anyone to take your dog out with you while riding.

But there are some other issues too which need to be addressed before making a purchase like the safety,
Ventilation, and Protection from the outside environments like sun rays and rain and some other factors too.

 Well below are some Cabins for big wigs we have shortlisted for you: 

Sr NoNameItem Weight Buy From Amazon
1Tail Wagon Bike Trailer75 lbs
2Schwinn Rascal Pet Trailer100 lbs
3PetSafe Pet Bicycle Trailer For Dogs110 lbs
4Aosom Elite Pet Bike Trailer44 lbs
5Rage Powersports Red Dog Trailer84 lbs

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1.Burley Design Tail Wagon Bike Trailer

Burley Design Tail Wagon Bike Trailer


What comes to your mind when you hear the word legend in basketball Michael Jordan same scenario goes for Burley Bike Trailer in this market; they are considered as the legend of this market.

Spend some extra money and get the Burley, better centre of gravity than competing brands.

It comes with amazing features like a removable floor for washing, stroller kit compatible while you are going for a walk, Good airflow for the dog as ventilation is perfect in it, for security it comes with D shaped rings to attach to harness to hold the dogs in.

  Check Price on Amazon 

 Well, other add-ons to features are its folds up very quickly and have low-pressure tires that never get flats and replacement of tubes are readily available in the market. 

With all these amazing features, it stands out the product from its competitors.

Furthermore, it can hold the weight up to 75 lbs and have some side pockets too for extra space.


Removable floor for washing; great for health and hygiene of a big one.

Stroller Kit compatible; Anytime convert and use as a stroller.

D Shaped rings to hold your pups in securely.

Low-pressure tires and easily replaced tubes are a rare combo.

Extra space for outdoorsy things to carry on.


The kickstand is not included for the trailer itself.

Not Suitable for smaller dogs.

2.Schwinn Rascal Pet Trailer

Schwinn is the brand that always amazed you with brilliant aerodynamics and design of their product;

if you are looking for the product having an excellent user interface, this is the one to be looked for.

Well, as features and benefits are concerned, it has a universal coupler which attached to almost every type of bike, which is incredible, It’s super easy to piece together, and all the parts that are important are metal.

The wheels were pumped up with great tread, and plenty of spindles each have a clear reflector as well also its trailer liner with a non-slip surface and easily removable for a wash too.

Check Price on Amazon 


The removable mat is great for an easy clean.

Lots of Airflow excellent ventilation.

Holds the weight up to 100 lbs.

Adjustable leash to hold pups in makes a useful feature for security.


Fabric quality is thin and can be tore easily

Tripping over is the major problem in it.

Zipper ripped off easily.

3.PetSafe Pet Bicycle Trailer For Dogs

PetSafe Pet Bicycle Trailer For Dogs

Last but not the least in the list is pet safe bicycle trailer easily compatible with electric bikes too and easy to assemble, balanced, and lightweight and comes with two compatible sizes Medium size, which holds weight up to 50 lbs and Large one holds up to 110 lbs.

The brilliant thing in this trailer is that the tent frame runs below the axle line instead of over the axle like most of the other trailers.

This means the centre of gravity is low, and therefore it’s inherently more stable and less likely to tip on a fast turn also the rear door is low to the ground, making it easy for medium dogs to enter on their own.

It has Zippered entrance and windows, and the rain guards are a great addition, and the top unzips for the dog to sit up and feel the breeze.

You can roll the rain guards or the top flap up, and they secure nicely with Velcro.


Pulling and steering ease.

Leash and dog bed – The leash keeps the dog in place, and the bed makes for a comfortable ride.

Fabric material quality is excellent


Small storage spaces

Design is not aerodynamically stable

Wheel axle poke through the mesh window.

4.Aosom Elite Pet Bike Trailer:

Aosom Elite Pet Bike Trailer

Check Price on Amazon

 How does it felt when you purchased something brand new; 

The excitement the eagerness is there but how does it felt when it has a pungent new plastic smell the enthusiasm to gets your hand on the product becomes dismal, well the same goes with this Aosam Cabin as it has some strong odor and will air out eventually after some hours.

It has some great security features like sound quality harness and leash clipped to the top rear bar of the trailer frame and cinched short enough that the dog can’t lunge forward and hit his face on the rear bike wheel when the flaps are open.

There is still plenty of room inside for backpack, a bag for their water dish, snack, bike tools, and pump attached to the inside of the frame.


Quality harness for security purposes.

Plenty of space inside.

The base material is quite good.

It comes with reflectors and a safety flag.


Pungent new plastic smell for some time.

Mesh Windows isn’t that great.

5.Rage Powersports Red Dog Trailer

Rage Powersports Red Dog Trailer

Here comes the giant one as per size capita as it supports up to 84 lbs weight, definitely enough for big dogs.

It also comes with front and rear access doors with mesh windows for optimal air flows and outer view.

Water-resistant nylon material hard enough to handle the weight also pet enclosure cabin has enough space to have a large dog in comfortably.

It comes with safety reflectors and flags, which is a crucial element for security.

It has pneumatic wheels that work well while making corners and have a smooth ride on small grass but not dirt roads.


Roomy space for big wigs.

Have a reasonable price as compare to other products.

Have a nice sturdy bottom for safety

Steel tube support frame to the body.


The top area of the Zipper is not waterproof; all other material is.

The strong chemical smell couldn’t able to use for days.

Poor suspension system

Tires’ quality isn’t that great.


The diversity in features and benefits shown in our shortlist of the best bike Trailer for Big Dogs were individually stated but as mostly buyers insisted us to provide the opinion which one to buy we will recommend to Buy Burley Design Tail Wagon Bike Trailer as it has some stand out features which are missing in others like stroller kit compatible and “D Shaped rings” to hold your pups in securely.

Burley bee is costly a bit but gives value for money.

The other four products are great too and have diversity in their features, which are mentioned above.

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