Best Schwinn Rascal Pet Trailer, orange & blue top selling

Schwin pet trailer

Enjoying cycling with family and friends is a healthy activity.

But what about your loyal family dog who can’t go with you on a picnic on cycle.? 

Hold on. There is a solution in the form of dog trailers.

Place your dog inside the trailer, then attach the trailer with a bicycle and enjoy a picnic.

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The dog bike trailers are the safest way to carry your dog to a picnic.

Your dog might go astray at some unknown place without a bike trailer.

Moreover, if your dog or any pet got injured, you can easily take them to the doctor’s clinic.

There are numerous bike trailers available in the market by many companies, but the Schwinn Rascal is the industry leader.

In short, the Schwinn is one of the famous and best bike trailer.

I have created a small list of the best Schwinn pet trailers.



Schwinn Rascal dog bike trailer
  • Unique.
  • Folding steel frame
  • quick release.
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Schwinn Joyrider Double Bicycle Trailer, Red
  • Best For Kids or Small Pers
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Schwinn Echo
  • Safety flag
  • Weather protected shield
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1.Schwinn Rascal dog bike trailer.

You will be love to enjoy with your dog on the Schwinn Rascal Dog bike trailer.

It will be the safest trailer journey.

The Schwinn has designed by keeping in view all the safety measures.


Everyone doesn’t like the same type of colours.

You may like the blue colour, but your friend may like a green one.

So don’t worry about the colour issue with Schwinn as providing the dog bike trailer in three colours i.e., Blue, orange, and green.

Schwinn designed with all the best features that a trailer must-have.

It has the following features that not all the trailers have.

  • Unique.
  • Folding steel frame
  • quick release.
  • The wheel can be packed up for transport.

The iron made wheel got rusty with time, but thanks to Schwinn for aluminium made wheel, which is sturdy and rust-free.

Another impressive feature of Schwinn is its air-filled tires, which can be inflated with air pump easily.

Schwinn is designed the way that plenty of air can easily cross across the trailer, which will provide the fresh air to a dog.

Safety feature:

The internal leash is available, which adjustable so keep your dog safe inside the trailer.

check out this, rear window is available for accessible entrance and exit for the dog.

  • Plenty of ventilation
  • Built-in leash
  • Available in multiple colors
  • I found some reviews of less quality fabric.

2.Schwinn Joyrider Double Bicycle Trailer.

Schwinn is producing the cycle and cycling equipment from over the century.

Schwinn joyride is the trailer made for kids to take with while cycling.


As time changes, everything change with time. Now cycling is more than a fun thing.

With the invention of trailers, it has become a lot easier to take your pet or kids with you on the bicycle quickly.

With Schwinn joyride, you will enjoy the lightweight ride as Schwinn joyride comes with an aluminium-made frame, which makes it lightweight but durable.

Moreover, Schwinn joyride has weather sheet which protects your young passengers from the unexpected weather condition.

Once you have completed your destination, now you need to pack up the trailer, but at first glance, you will assume that it’s not possible to pack up the trailer.

But don’t worry, Schwinn designed the trailers with the foldable frame, which makes it easy super easy to pack and transport.

Another great feature of Schwinn is its universal couplet, which makes it easy to attach with any bicycle without any problem.

  • Perfect for Kids
  • Inernel guard leash
  • Lightweight
  • Not suitable for Dogs.

3.Schwinn Echo Kids/Child bike trailer

A few years ago, it was tough to take the children outside while cycling.

But thanks to Bike trailers, which solve this problem.

Now bought the trailer attach by bicycle and enjoy the ride.


For outdoor activities this the Schwinn echo bike trailer is a very famous one among cycling lover parents.

The Schwinn Echo is very sturdy and has almost all the features that a perfect trailer must-have.

It has become so famous in a short time among who like bike trailers.

Schwinn Echo kid bike trailer comes with a universal couplet that can be attached by bicycle easily.

Moreover, the internal harness and safety flag are also available with Schwinn Echo.

The moments when we are out of home, the weather can be change at any time.

So deal with unexpected weather.

The Schwinn Echo has a weather shield that keeps safe your child from weather.

For a smooth ride, the air-filled tires play a vital role, and Schwinn tires can be easily inflated with a standard air pump.

  • Safety flag
  • Weather protected shield
  • Aluminum frame
  • Can be attached with any bicycle
  • Found reviews about not reliable tires.

Schwinn rascal pet trailer manual:

The manual of schwinn is not so difficult.Everyone can quickly unpack the trailer and attach it to the cycle.

Keep in mind that the manual comes with a booklet in packing and done everything according to the manual to safeguard the dogs.

what is the Schwinn rascal pet trailer dimensions

The Schwinn has 31.75 x 24.50 x 19.50 inches dimensions.

Schwinn rascal pet trailer parts:

You know that te Schwinn rascal pet trailer is the vastly used trailer.

While using it, their parts can no tear with time. You can buy its parts online.


so, Schwinn is the only bike trailer available with multiple colours. So buy the trailer which suits you best with colour and style.

If you are looking for the bike trailer for your dog, then Schwinn rascal is the best choice with multiple colours.

But if you are looking for a trailer to take kids with you on a bicycle, then you can buy Schwinn joyride or Schwinn Echo depend upon your choice and interest.

In short, Schwinn is the best-trusted company producing bike trailers.

Schwinn made the trailers by keeping in view the need for the trailers and safety measures.

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