List of Dog Bike Trailer Accessories

dog bike trailer accessories

The dog bicycle trailers are now widely used by cyclists who love their dogs. Furthermore, bike trailers also popular among pet owners who used to take their pet dogs outside regularly.

As you know, to run any tool smoothly, we have to maintain it regularly. So, the same scenario goes with the bike trailer.

Therefore, we need to have some extra accessories of dog bike trailer so that we can easily replace then when required.

Here is the list of some necessary bike trailer parts.

  • 1.Hitch
  • 2.Safety flag
  • 3.Reflectors
  • 4.Extra leashes
  • 5.Stroller Kit
  • 8.Rain Cover

Dog Bike Trailer Hitch:

                                                The hitch is one of the essential accessories of the dog bike trailer.

It is the part that connects the trailer with a bicycle.


The hitch is made up of steel and used to connect the trailer with a bicycle.

Most of the trailers used universal hitch. Do you what is the universal hitch?

The universal hitch can connect to any bicycle wheel easily.

2.Dog trailer safety flag:

                                                The safety flag provides a clear view of the bike trailer when in traffic.

The idea of a safety flag is excellent to save your pet secure in traffic.

Moreover, the safety flag also enables you to have a clear view of the trailer when you are far from the trailer.

dog bike trailer safety flag

3.Pet Bike trailer reflectors.

                                                          The reflectors are an extra but essential part of feature-rich dog bike trailers. The reflectors are connected with wheels of the trailer. 

Do you know what the primary function of dog bike trailer reflectors is.?

The reflectors play an essential role to view the trailer from a far distance.

dog bike trailer wheel reflectors

The idea of reflectors is to have eyes on the trailer from a far distance.

Furthermore, the other cyclist can easily see your trailer from a far distance with the help of reflectors.

4.Builtin Dog Trailer Extra Leash:

                                                                   The built-in leash inside the trailer helps to keep the dog safe inside the trailer.

The dogs can jump out of the trailer while riding and got injured.

So, the leash inside the trailer helps to keep the dog safe inside the trailer and don’t let the dog jump outside the trailer.

extra leash

5.Dog trailer Stroller Kit:

                                                          Many dog trailers come with stroller compatibility.

If the stroller kit got damage, you could buy an extra stroller kit.

Moreover, the kit also enables the trailer to use a stroller.

The stroller helps to move the dog quickly when not connected with the bike.

dog bike trailer stroller kit

6.Dog Trailer rain cover:

                                                The rain cover helps to keep your dog and your bike dry when its rain.

When you are on long riding with the dog, the rain cover will help to combat rain and unexpected weather condition.

dog trailer rain cover

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