Step By Step Guide To Train Your Dog to Ride Bike Trailer


Buying the best dog bike trailer is an excellent experience, but after having it, your dog may not be agreed to sit inside the trailer.

Your dog could assume it as a cage or fearing due to some other reason.

So, it would help if you taught & guide your dog to ride along with you inside the trailer.

Dog Bike Trailer

Why is it important to train your dog for the ride inside the trailer?


  1. The number one reason is to remove the fear for your dog to come inside the trailer at any time & make him feel like a second home.
  2. Your dog could jump outside the trailer while riding and got injured.

  3. The pups could go astray at the unknown place by leaving the trailer at a strange place.

Along with the points mentioned above, there could be many other facts that make it essential to teach the dogs about riding inside the bike trailer.

So, let’s start learning the step by step procedure to get dogs used to dog bike trailer.

1.Presenting the bike trailer with the dog

First of all, introduce the trailer with your dog. Show him by attaching in with your bicycle and first have a small ride with an empty trailer.

Let your dog understand what the purpose of the trailer is.

2. Try to bring the dog side the trailer

After presenting the trailer, try to bring the dog inside the trailer.

This could be the most tricky step for your dog.
Try to bring your dog inside the trailer with the help of some food.

First of all, present the food inside the trailer so that the dog feels it as a house.

Don’t ride immediately. Just offer food inside the trailer for 2-3 times.
And let your dog asleep inside the trailer if possible.

3. Start with small rides:

Now there will be no fear of trailer for your dog. So, start with short trips inside the house or high ground along with a dog.

Moreover, these small rides have a close look at the dog and try to understand what it’s feeling.

If your dog still feeling some fear, then stop the ride and gave more your time more time.

4.Start with small Trips:

After a smalls ride, your dogs have understood the purpose of the trailer.

So, take him for a short trip along the roads to introduce him more about the trailer.

5.Ready for long Trips:

 So, finally, the big moments come. Your dog is fully ready now for long trips.

But, hold on.

Still, you have to do some care before starting the trip.

Don’t forget to tie the dog with building a leash inside the trailer for more safety.

Moreover, on the first trip start with slow speed and then increase the speed gradually.

After 1 or 2 miles, take a little break and have a look at the dog and understand your dog’s feelings.

If you sense your dog is confused or frightened with a ride, then go back home immediately, but if you feel that your dog is enjoying, then continue a pleasant trip with your doggy.


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